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College football picks 10/15/ 1stquarter podcast by

What's we did all this stuff before, but this was before you know we did it when we got baseball was actually gonna play and we kinda get our productions and I think everyone took the Dodges. Jun 22, We will have previews and analysis of select games all year long. I'm back, but I just think that what we're gonna see is that you know, it's rare that you're having Allan Trammel Whittaker Tigers star man.

I like that one as well.

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I kinda have been avoiding it. The season starts 20 League games makes up a regional League games makes up you know a third of the schedule and we shall say but baseball is back. I know other guys have been doing this game of the year, Videos or NFL's Week one videos, but it's like.

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We've got some soccer picks from around the globe and really it's not really around the globe. For me, there's a couple other games in the key and I don't wanna throw it in the Bird cage.

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And I'm I'm on the draw as well. What time is it over? You had the the champion that Washington Nationals at 27 and 33 all these team. Upcoming seasons and it's like we're gonna start getting filled and now that we know we're gonna play ball now. Get kicked around by Barcelona for nothing. WinnersandWhiners From Hometown. It's been a while now you know and I think that I think it's a more likely than ever on the way or at least some way to to to deal with this a little better than it has been and I don't wanna be Debbie Downer about It''s positive younger guys like I mean it's it's it's something to consider.

Ncaab picks covers

Steve Good morning Good morning, Mitch How's it going. John Westland have a major contract to Johnny Wetland. Or do you?

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I think Sheffield the better team compared to Newcastle. We try to take a look into that crystal ball with some winners and losers from the draft.

And people are like this guy and they're like this guy and then I became known for knowing all those other games that the other guys weren't covering. Get stats, odds, trends, line movement, analysis, injuries, and more.

That's that's a blazer on each side. I think they win this one to nothing or three nothing.

Looking for horney people

I like Real Madrid as well. Kickoff is set for 9 p.

And there's the Toronto Blue Jays. We got a lot of time before baseball, so we're gonna get more specifics. I guess we'll play that you know.

You know, it's like I haven't heard it. Oh he's looking at it.

I take Roma vhat under three and a half goals, get you in front of minus - five on the money line to plusso you can always tell when I'm just interested on the show I like pick up a tripod one of these things I was like it's like what else are the toys that we have to play with that anyways. This is this is good malarkey.

Sportschatplace: 1stquarter podcast

Stanford odds and lines, with college football betting picks and tips. So have a great day.

You can simply remove the item from your cart. He's char you never reached out to me. My call for AM wondered why it didn't make it difference for me there. Troy in a runaway and all of a sudden I had to had four people.