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Lara Maysa Ingram is story producer for Hacker:Hunter and a freelance documentary filmmaker and creative portrait photographer.

Prevalence of multiple forms of sexting behavior among youth

Saras recent batch of songs are about lessons learned, the quest for self-acceptance despite the din of doubt and fear, and wondrous gratitude for the magic of the fleeting present in the face of an uncertain future and inevitable mortality, with productions that blur the chhat between hallaam, dream-pop, indie-rock, and Americana. Flatley has a masters degree in cybersecurity and is currently a full-time instructor at SUNY Rockland for the cybersecurity department where he also coaches a competitive hacking team.

Cyer is a motion artist and creative coder who works in interactive, fabrication, and large scale immersive experiences. Jin moved on to help the public create makerspaces and ran a few maker-centric events.

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Daniel has extensive public and private sector experience crafting strategy while developing tools and tactics that lead organizations into battle against digital adversaries, malicious insiders, and human error. Christopher Guess has been the lead technologist at the Duke University Reporters Lab for the past five years where he helps lead a team dedicated to automating fact checking and making fact checking more accessible to the audience via policy, technology, and reporting.

Electric Sheep is a collaborative abstract artwork founded by Scott Draves. Indias passion has always been for good public policy, and shes excited to be using skills developed during legislative battles to fight for consumer privacy and for robust surveillance oversight. Elizabeth Biddlecome is a consultant and instructor, delivering technical training and mentorship to students and professionals.

He received his law degree from Boalt Hall, and undergraduate degree from U. His project Agriact tackles the emerging market of temporal agricultural labor in southern Europe and was published internationally. Ania Piotrowska did her PhD in anonymous communications systems under George Danezis at University College London, who also deed the original Mixmaster mix network used by anonymous cypherpunk re-mailers.

He is an expert on observing and animating human faces, and hcat Making Faces, a master class for CG artists wishing to master facial animation. Launched as Astralship.

The nature and extent of sexting among a national sample of middle and high school students in the u.s.

His work references de and critical studies to emphasize the materiality of the Internet, through dex applications and hardware. He is a committer on the Apache Beam project. Josh works in public mental health, and his professional research focuses are mindfulness meditation, gastrointestinal diseases, and consciousness. He feeds complete garbage to forensic tools, AV products, decompression software, and intrusion detection systems.

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He is responsible for ensuring technology is used to advance the programmatic objectives of the organization. He has a particular interest in the U. Navy veteran, public speaker, and social engineer extraordinaire. He is an author and teacher, and goes around the world giving talks and workshops.

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Roel Schouwenberg has over 20 years of experience in the statfs field. The last few decades or so, Chris has made a living doing freelance programming and deing web applications. Specifically, she focuses on the legal implications of changing expectations of privacy in an increasingly connected world. During his fellowship, he worked on democratizing access to public records requests with a focus on police ability and transparency. Hes head of the Arse Elektronika sex and tech festival and the Hedonistika food-tech festival, and hes the host of Roboexotica, the festival for cocktail robotics.

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She works with hosting and IT support companies, as well as interesting open source projects. Corbin Frisvold QuesoSec inn a year-old hacker and polymath, involved in many fields such as mathematics, physics, computer science, and electrical engineering.


Navy directly out of high school and served for seven years as a submarine electronics technician. Their recent research involves studying how new sources of data and methods of data governance can help communities and worker collectives advocate for a more just future.

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Having been in open source for over a decade, she believes that anyone can contribute to a project, as everyone has a different skill to bring to a project. It has a strong emphasis on the DIY biohacker approach to food futures. Ih, he serves in the memory of Open Librarys founder and his hero, Aaron Swartz, to help make millions of books freely accessible to read or borrow.

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Mek mekarpeles libraries and runs OpenLibrary. He has been breathing and responding to gravity since the 60s. Edward Miro has been in the IT world for 20 years, most recently teaching cyber security classes at Butte College in California.

Development of psychosexual therapy clinics in the UK models of the male and female genitalia in various states of arousal were used. are convinced of the importance of its inclusion in the training (Wylie, Hallam‐Jones, is not adequately resolved, sex can become 'alien' to talk about and hence the. Phone sex chat is not. an innovation of the digital age but we classify it as a form of in-. direct internet based sex work because it has also. A US doctor named Robert O Becker became the face of the campaign Tim Hallam worries about the effects of electromagnetic fields on the most or old people in sheltered accommodation, each with their own internet router. we are using a metaphor – or we are talking about something entirely new.

The Doctor is a security practitioner and systems engineer working somewhere on the west coast. Jay Taylor endowed chair of communication at Louisiana Tech. Charlie Meyers has worked on autonomous vehicles and has begun a PhD program in Sweden that focuses on the intersections of computer security, embedded devices, and machine learning. In addition to representing clients on civil liberties, free speech, and privacy law, he counsels on EFF projects and initiatives.

Along the way, he once deployed an server in the Executive Office of the President for use by the Clinton administration. Since then, she moved to the United States and founded Open Hub openhubproject.

He has produced and directed three films in over 70 festivals worldwide. Rory Mir is a grassroots advocacy organizer, primarily working on the Electronic Frontier Alliance. Together with a small, unnited team, David has performed online privacy and cybersecurity trainings for domestic abuse advocates and survivors, and he regularly reports on the threats posed by stalkerware.

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Lately he has been declaring war on assembly language calling it too high-level and doing all kinds of ignorant things with machine code. Twila promotes the idea that hallsm classroom should be cybfr makerspace, where academics support creativity and students bring their ideas into the physical world. SX aims to de-stigmatize the conversation regarding sex in digital space.

Nada has gained a reputation for a simple, firm, but ultimately compassionate approach that makes and sustains change.

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Eric has an abiding love for projects at the intersection of art and technology, and is a longtime collaborator with the Cacophony Society and Austrian avant-garde art group Monochrom. Her latest project, Keep Calm and Log On,is a handbook to help everyday people survive the digital revolution without getting trampled, and is available from MIT Press. They co-founded the Distributed Denial of Secrets collective and coordinate its operations.

She has ly been a web developer and system administrator for seven years, and a statistician in the education realm. She believes that no matter what your age, you can use Linux and free software.