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Note, that cell lock is not band-specific and for ca-band it can also use other frequency bands, unless you use band chatt. RouterOS allows changing the TTL parameter for packets going from the router to allow hiding sub networks.

See Also. Click Edit next to the profile that you want to give access to the supervisor tab.

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Some sources have found out that this limitation is done by monitoring TTL Time To Live values from packets to determinate if limitations need to be applied TTL is decreased by 1 for each "hop" made. Cell data can be also gathered from "cell-monitor".

Set the visibility of the Chat supervisor tab to Default On. It is possible to use AT commands to lock to desired band manually. For R11e-LTE6 cell lock works only for the primary band, this can profles useful if you have multiple channels on the same band and you want to lock it to a specific earfcn.

Click Save. After you give your users permission to access the Chat supervisor tab, set up access to the Chat supervisor panel in the Salesforce console.