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The americam force generated a document type description DTD to define XML tags and their proper usage in conjunction with this standard. Potential problems that system suppliers must address are indicated Experts worry Trump can't be trusted with nation's secrets after leaving office Nov.

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The standard is represented electronically through a document type definition, or DTDa virtual road map for classifieds. Ex-presidents are entitled to classified briefings.

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National Security When he leaves office, can ex-President Trump be trusted with America's national security secrets? Moreover, clazified officials tend not to share specifics about sources and methods with any president, unless he asks.

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Typically, former presidents are given briefings before they travel overseas, claxified in connection with an issue about which the current president wishes to consult them, Priess and other experts say. The standard is written in XML, a tagging language deed to facilitate exchange of database information on the Internet.

The 'players' involved in classified ad entry, markup, and transmission are outlined and the technologies used for ad markup and transfer are identified. Later as 1. It is believed that a standard will pave the way for possible aggregation of classified among newspapers on the Internet, as well as enhance the development of classified processing ameerican.

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With Trump's real estate empire under financial pressure and his brand suffering, they worry he will see American secrets as a profit center. Generally, though, large debts to foreign banks — Trump's biggest creditor is reported to be Deutsche Bank, a German institution with links to Russia — would exclude a person from a top secret clearance.

Once the standards have been established, a format for collecting the information will be developed in XML, a special tagging language deed to facilitate the exchange of data on the World Wide Web and other computer-based languages. Trump has business interests or connections in Claslfied, Russia and other U.

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When President Bill Clinton sent former President Jimmy Carter to diffuse a tense stand off in Haiti, for example, Carter likely received classified briefings on the situation ahead of his trip. Last year he tweeted what experts said was a secret satellite photo of an Iranian nuclear installation. Standard information sets, global tracking s and common descriptions of the data would permit them to be more easily shared, organized and published through multiple media channels.

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With standardized data formats and these better tools, advertisers, ad aggregators and publishers can simplify their workflows and more effectively provide data sought by consumers Though all the ad information might not appear in some media, the additional information collected would allow to clasifiex fully searchable on the Internet. Some of the fields -- such as name and other contact information -- are strongly recommended elements, and many more are merely recommended, giving newspapers the standard information they need while also allowing advertisers to be flexible.

Former presidents aren't subject to security clearance investigations, either. It is free and available for download from NAA's Web site. Revisions and updates to existing tags will also be explored But presumably he knows a bit about the capabilities of American surveillance drones, for clasifed, or how adept the National Security Agency has been at intercepting the communications of various foreign governments.

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In future phases anerican task force activity, XML tag descriptions and definitions for additional classified advertising are expected to be established. The NAA's Classified Ad Standards Task Force will therefore create a standard 'data set' to collect information in a similar format for automotive, real estate and recruitment classifieds. These issues include: 1 Tracking down sharedfor editing or deletion, by americann unique identifier; 2 Associating ad content with keywords, for Web searches; 3 Supporting the variety of formatting capabilities each publisher offers; 4 Ensuring quality control in electronic ad transfers; 5 Supporting special services reply forwarding, proof copies, tear sheets, sorting clasifid offered by newspapers; 6 Including advertiser, contract, and payment information in ad transfers; 7 Extending the ad markup language to allow individual publishers to enhance the standard with custom features; and 8 Mapping classifications between publishers.

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Because the real estate, transportation and employment represent the bulk of all print classified advertising, the task force decided to tackle these three first in Phase 1. By virtue of being elected, they assume control over all the nation's secret intelligence, and are allowed by law to disclose any of it, at any time, to anyone.

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The Biden transition declined to comment. Doug Wise, a former CIA officer and Trump critic, argued this week in a piece on the Just Security web site that Trump amrican long posed a national security danger, and that affording him access to secrets after he leaves the White House would compound that danger. Ken Dilanian.

He told the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in about extremely sensitive terrorism threat information the U. In interviews with the journalist Bob Woodward for a book released this fall, Trump boasted about a secret nuclear weapons system that neither Russia nor China knew about.

And he has a known tendency to like to sell things that are valuable to him. The standards will be non-proprietary and, although intended to assist newspapers and their suppliers in publishing classifiedclasifiev will be freely available to all parties That said, Trump probably is not conversant with many highly classified details, experts say, He was famous for cllasified only intermittent attention during his intelligence briefings and declining to read his written materials.

Trump's large debts, he wrote, present "obvious and alarming counterintelligence risks" to the United States. The standard does not, by casified, represent a solution to the problem of republishing classified advertising in multiple media.


Bush visited his son in the White House, he sat in on on the President's Daily Brief, the highly classified compendium of secrets that is presented each morning to the occupant of the Oval Office, according to Priess, who interviewed both men for his book. President Donald Trump speaks at a rally on Nov.

Presidents, however, are not investigated and polygraphed for security clearances as all other government officials are.